The Unofficial

Mythender SRD

Welcome to the Unofficial Mythender SRD. Here you’ll find the complete rules for Ryan Macklin’s Mythender RPG.

This site is based on the “Version 1.04 — Final Edition” of the Mythender RPG. If and when new editions or errata are released they will be incorporated into the site and this section will be updated accordingly.

This site is completely unofficial, and unaffiliated with Ryan Macklin or the Mythender RPG. For the official Mythender site, please visit Also be sure to check out Ryan’s site, where he writes about all sorts of good stuff (including, but certainly not limited to Mythender).

Special thanks to Alan De Smet for his help cleaning up the original site, and to the good folks at Bully Pulpit Games for permission to use their Fiasco dice fonts (originally created by Madirishman).

Lots of cool people talk about Mythender on the Google+ Mythender Community… check it out.

Mythender exists because some awesome people put together a fundraising effort for a friend with cancer, and another bunch of awesome people gave their hard-earned cash (read the whole story here). If you enjoy this game, you might consider making a donation to a cancer-related charity, or visit the official Mythender site and drop some cash in the tip jar there.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for:

What is Mythender
What you Need to Play
Creating Your Mythender
Mythender Hearts
Mythender Pasts
Mythender Fates
Playing Adventures
Tutorial Battle
Battling Myths & Gods
Your Heart’s Gifts
Mythender Moments
Murdering One Another
Corruption & Fate
Mythic Norden
Being a Mythmaster
Extended Rules
Thanks & Acknowledgements

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