Here you’ll find freely licensed Mythender material from sources outside of the main rule book. For now, it just has pieces from Mythender in Golarion by John Compton and Ryan Macklin. You can (and should) grab yourself a copy of it from MythenderRPG.com… there’s a bunch of new gods and lesser myths in there, along with some new Hearts that can’t be included here due to licensing.


Eternal Power

Myths only

Gain additional Thunder dice at the beginning of each round after the first, at the cost of 2 Might tokens per Thunder die. This happens before any actions.


Myths only

If you are Ended, the Mythenders’ Apotheosis numbers are considered one lower: 6 becomes 5, etc. 2 becomes automatic, and blank becomes 6.

Scourge of Light

Myths only

When you wound Mythenders, if they lose no Thunder dice, they lose 1 Thunder die instead.

Shield of Lessers

Myths only

Pay 4 Might tokens when you’re Wounded to have the Wound transfer to a Weapon. Instead of rolling for the Wound, destroy the Weapon. You cannot destroy your last Weapon.



Myths only

Once per battle, gain the effects of the Gift (including Dangerous) at no cost.

One More Breath—Corrupter

Myths only

When Ended, corrupt all Mythenders by paying 5 Might tokens each. For the one who Ended you, it only costs 2 Might tokens.


God of Storms

Your Dream is of eternal turbulence, of calm seas one moment and hurricanes the next. Mortals beseech you to for safe travel, for good harvest, for rain in times of drought, and for you to curse their enemies. Do you accept their sacrifices? Do you even care about mortalkind?

God of Suffering

Your Dream is of a bleak landscape that stretched for eternity, where the souls of those who failed both themselves and you toil endlessly in hopes of earning your divine forgiveness. But can anything ever truly redeem such pathetic beings?

God of Protection

Your Dream is of a perfect alabaster and marble world, one without wind or rain, where nothing is ever marred. Mortals remain statues, frozen in poses that best represents their lives. When they beg for release, what is your cruel reply?

God of Retribution

Your Dream is of a perfectly just world, one where violence begets never-ending violence and no slight goes unpunished—not just for mortals, but the very spirits of nature are always on trial. Everyone begs forgiveness; what is sentence for that most unholy of crimes?

God of Sacrifice

Your Dream is of a throne build upon the bodies of those fallen in your name—your armies and those slaughtered by them. Servants forever bring to you bounties mortals pledge in return for your favor. But can a mortal who has yet to die for you truly be worthy of any boon?

God of the Night

Your Dream is of eternal darkness, where mortals live in fear of its denizens—dire wolves, the undead, and other monsters. They beg you for even a hint of moonlight, and cry in agony when denied it. Do you delight in their plight, or is your heart to cold even for that?



who knows what the world is like for all the little people

Your life was simple—hunting, farming, trading, growing up on the streets—until one chance encounter with adventurers left you awed. After that, your life was empty and hollow; only by throwing yourself into constant danger and returning triumphant would you ever again feel alive.


What did you experience that made you unable to remain a commoner?

What harrowing or humiliating trial did you endure in the hopes of impressing a mentor?

Who suffered back home because you left?

Weapon Ideas


_______________ trains me with every day.

_______________ reminds me of the people back home.

_______________ keeps me from being arrogant.

_______________ also understands the joy in simple things.


who has suffered unduly for the crime of being weaker than other

You were one of the countless people born into slavery, made to believe that this was all your life would hold. But your spirit would never be broken, no matter how many punishments you and others suffered for your defiance—suffering that you repaid to your masters with interest.


What cruelties have you endured?

What did your masters take from you that can never be returned or replaced?

Beyond any idea of freedom, what was your greatest source of hope as a slave?

Weapon Ideas


_______________ shows me the little joys in life.

_______________ reminds me of a loved one I lost.

_______________ helps me to have faith that people can change.

_______________ keeps me from being consumed with hate.


This work is based on Mythender in Golarion (found at MythenderRPG.com), created by John Comption and Ryan Macklin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).